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One solution for multiple industrial applications

CubiX³ is used in all industries where control of incoming powders, production and quality control are important. The CubiX³ range includes dedicated versions, tailored to the needs of those working in mining, iron and steel, building materials, aluminum production, pharmaceuticals, tooling or catalysts. CubiX³ is the preferred choice for industrial XRD applications providing the highest speed phase analysis for process optimization.

The CubiX³ is available in the following versions:

CubiX³ Minerals

  • for ore, rock and minerals analysis in a mining environment
  • X-ray diffraction (XRD) is the main tool for fast mineral quantification of rocks, ores and mining process-related products.

CubiX³ Iron

  • for iron ore, direct reduced iron and retained austenite analysis 
  • XRD is the main tool for fast direct quantification of iron phases in raw ores, sinter, direct reduced or sponge iron, steel and slag.

CubiX³ Cement

  • for clinker, cement, raw material and raw meal analysis
  • PANalytical’s CubiX³ Cement is the preferred choice for rapid, accurate analysis of clinker and cement phase concentrations.

CubiX³ Potflux

  • for electrolytic baths, carbon anodes and alumina analysis 
  • PANalytical's CubiX³ Potflux has been the system of choice for the aluminium industry for many years because of its speed, quality and support.

CubiX³ Pharma

  • for drug discovery, development and manufacturing
  • CubiX³ Pharma is tailor-made for obtaining the highest-quality measurements of pharmaceutical samples, getting the lowest detection limits.

Other versions are available upon request.


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