Equipment Finance

SPW Industrial now offers Equipment Finance for eligible customers through US Bank


5 benefits of working with U.S. Bank Equipment Finance


1. Application-only up to $150,000

Use our quick, application-only process for
transactions up to $150,000.

2. Save working capital
No down payment required with terms from 24-60+
months. Simplify payments and include up to 25%
of additional costs into the agreement, such as
installation, tax and freight.

3. Flexible payment structure
Structure payments for your business’ cash flow.
Schedule payments on a monthly, seasonal or
semiannual basis.

4. Equipment specific filing
No blanket liens – only your new equipment is used
to secure financing, leaving your business and
existing assets unencumbered.

5. Quick credit decision
Establish a pre-approval for up to $500,000 so you
can shop with confidence.