Tecan Infinite F500 Multimode Microplate Reader

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The Infinite F500 is Tecan’s most sensitive filter-based multimode microplate reader, to provide a multifunctional and modular system which offers excellent levels of sensitivity for fluorescence- and luminescence-based assays. The Infinite F500 is compatible with a wide variety of microplates, from 6- to 1,536-wells, including standard and low volume plate formats and Tecan’s patent pending NanoQuant Plate. Its high speed, on-the-fly measurement capabilities ensure maximum throughput, allowing complete reading of a 1,536-well plate in under 30 seconds.


High measurement speed and robotic compatibility   
The Infinite F500 filter-based microplate reader is capable of reading 6 to 384-well plates, including standard, half-area and low volume 384-well plates. All top-reading modes can be used for 1536-well microplates (optional) and, by selecting the high speed »on-the-fly« mode, a 1536-well plate can be read in less than 30 seconds (please refer to typical performance values). The Infinite F500 can also be easily integrated into the Freedom EVO® series of automated platforms.   
z-Optimization: for better results in low volumes   
The Infinite F500 microplate reader allows you to automatically adjust the z-focus in all top-reading modes (fluorescence intensity and polarization, luminescence), significantly improving the quality of measurements. The automated z-focusing makes it easy to optimize the set-up and adapt the instrument settings to highly demanding assay parameters, such as low volumes or different well shapes.   
Programmable filter slides   
The Infinite F500 filter-based microplate reader includes programmable filter slides with electronic chips; a great tool for saving certain filter characteristics to support the filter definition of the corresponding filter



Manufacture Specifications: 

Detection Mode Multi-label
Lighting High energy xenon flash lamp
Microplate Size 384-well
Shaking Yes
Software External
Temperature Control Yes


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