Purair BIO Biological Safety Cabinets

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The Purair BIO biological safety cabinet (BSC) is certified for safety and performance in accordance with NSF/ANSI Standard 49 and EN12469 which certifies Class II, Type A2 laminar flow cabinets are suitable for working with biosafety agents at levels 1, 2 and 3.

Purair BIO Biosafety Cabinet Features & Benefits
Purair BIO Biosafety Cabinet brochure
Constructed without costly, complex microprocessor controls, the Purair BIO offers user-friendly operation with low energy consumption. Key features and benefits include:

Single EC Blower Motor Design. The Purair BIO is designed with a single EC blower motor for ease of use, reliability, and to promote low cost of ownership. Dual motor designs can introduce a number of problems, including unbalanced airflow, higher maintenance costs, longer certification processes, and uneven filter loading. Airflow adjustments are simpler, operational costs lower, and maintenance easier for BSCs equipped with single EC blower motors.
Flexibility. The Purair BIO includes multiple service connections for maximum flexibility. It includes duplex electrical outlets with splash-proof, UL listed covers. CSA certified service valves for gas, air, and vacuum are also available. Maximum working pressure of 75PSI.
Operator Safety. The anti-ultraviolet, 6 mm tempered glass ensures maximum protection for the operator.
Ergonomic Design. The user interface combines ergonomics, safety, and aesthetics with a 10° angled window design that reduces operator head and elbow discomfort, as well as eye strain and fatigue.
Slim Profile. The Purair BIO is one of the narrowest BSCs on the market and permits easy passage through standard doorways.

HEPA Filtration
HEPA filtration of downflow and exhaust paths provides a primary containment work area for life science research, cell culture processing, and other applications where protection of the user, the work product, and the environment, and mitigation of cross-contamination on the work surface are needed.

Green class II Biological Safety Cabinet airflow
The Purair BIO uses self-contained HEPA filters designed to physically capture particles larger than 0.3 microns with >99.995% typical efficiency.

The integrated HEPA filtration system provides clean air to the work surface in a gentle vertical laminar flow pattern, allowing the exhaust HEPA filter to trap biohazardous particles prior to the air being exhausted into the room.

The Purair BIO maintains an airflow ratio of 70% recirculation to 30% exhaust to ensure operator protection.

A patented HEPA filtration lock maintains filter efficiency, minimizes the chance of leakage, and prolongs filter life.

Energy Efficient Protection
The Purair BIO maintains one of the world’s highest performance ratings for a brushless DC motor.

Additional benefits include:
Better Apportioned Power. Over 80% of the EC motor output power is converted to kinetic energy to ensure sustainable energy savings over the life of the motor.
Extended Filter Life. Balanced airflow and even distribution of downflow and exhaust paths promote uniform filter loading to prolong filter life.
Constant Feedback Motor Speed. The EC motor automatically adjusts speed to maintain compliant airflow at all critical points while compensating for filter loading and facility voltage fluctuations.

Electrical Safety and Certification
All components meet or exceed applicable safety requirements.
Each cabinet is individually tested for electrical safety at the factory and documentation specific
to each tested cabinet is maintained on file.
IEC Certified for USA and Canada
Models available with NSF 49 and EN12469 certifications.
Contact Air Science or your sales rep for preparation information.

Product Features:

Biological safety cabinet class 2 features
Purair Bio AS-AHA-103-CA-B, shown with optional base stand.
A. Energy Efficient: The quiet, internal EC Brushless DC Motor ensures sufficient airflow across the work surface at all times while saving up to 86% over traditional PSC motors (based on internal testing).

B. Standard Control System: Includes simple, reliable membrane-style switches and an easy-to-read gauge for safety and durability.

C. HEPA Filtration Lock: The patented Quick Access HEPA Filtration System allows filter changes to be performed from the front of the cabinet by a single person without tools.

D. Paper Catch: Protective screen located at the bottom of the rear air return plenum prevents wipes and other paper products from being drawn into the blower system.

E. Double-Wall Plenum Design: Double-wall design creates a unique plenum which surrounds contaminated areas with negative pressure, preventing the possibility of contamination from leaks in filter seal, gasket, or cabinet structure.

F. Air Velocity: The air velocity and associated correction factors are preset at the factory to meet regulatory requirements and ensure operator safety.

G. Surround Air Intake Grille: All contaminated air is enclosed in the work area. No safety dead zone.

H. Outlet: Outlets are installed in the work area to guard against electrical shock.

I. Durable Interior: The Purair BIO utilizes a heavy-gauge, one-piece liner with coved corners for enhanced durability.

J. Ergonomic Fit: The angled front, narrow-front grille, and frameless sash create an ergonomic work environment. The #304 stainless steel elbow/arm rest provides ergonomic forearm support to prevent grille blockages and improve posture.

K. Safe: Includes HEPA filters (Class H14) tested to a typical efficiency of >99.99% for 0.3 micron particles.

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