Perkin Elmer, Model NexION 300x, Serial no. 81XN3102302 Includes: PE S10, Vacuum pump, Polyscience Chiller, PC, system software

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NexION 300x
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Complete System   

Simultaneous Dual Model Detector, fast data acquisition rate, low liquid uptake nebulizer, free running RF Plasma Generator, Fast scanning quadrupole, single Channel universal cell, triple cone interface, S10 autosampler, NexION 350 software, PC w/windows 7, monitor, spare cones,torches, nebulizers, and manuals.



PerkinElmer® ICP-MS instruments are complete systems with the exception of the following items which must be provided by the customer: electrical power, exhaust vents, argon gas supplies with approved regulator, cell gas supply, and coolant system. Required Environmental Conditions The laboratory environment in which the NexION® 300 ICP-MS instrument is installed should meet the following conditions: •

The room temperature should be between 15 and 30 ˚C (59-86 ˚F) with a maximum rate of change of 3 ˚C (5 ˚F) per hour. •

The relative humidity should be between 20 and 80%, non-condensing.

For optimum performance, the room temperature should be controlled at 20 ±2 ˚C (68 ±3.6 ˚F), and the relative humidity should be between 35 and 50%. •

The instrument is certified for operation at elevations up to 2000 meters (6562 ft.) above sea level.

In addition, the instrument should be located in an area that is: - Indoors - Free of smoke, dust and corrosive fumes - Not prone to excessive vibration - Out of direct sunlight - Away from heat radiators In order to minimize contamination problems, a dust-free environment is necessary.

For ultra-trace techniques, environmental contamination becomes a limiting factor in the analysis.

To quantitate ubiquitous elements such as Fe, Ca, K, Na, etc. below 1 ppb (µg/L), a class 1000 environment is necessary for sample preparation and analysis.

This is not an indication of the performance limitations of the instrument, but a recommendation for an ultra-clean environment.

The NexION 300 ICP-MS can be installed into a mobile laboratory if vibration is isolated.

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