ObboMed OB-1600 UtilityAir Mattress

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ObboMed OB-1600 UtilityAir Mattress – 6” Alternating with Self-Rotation, Low Air Loss, Side Bolster, Audio and Visual alarm, Fowler/Seating, Alternating automatically


  1. Features self-lateral wave rotation, allows for alternation and self-rotation simultaneously.
  2. Sinking feature of mattress surface by patented cell enhances safety buffer for side bolster.
  3. Alternating pressure and LAL therapy Minimizes friction and shearing of the skin
  4. Allows perspiration and body heat to vacate through the mattress cover surface and cover boundary by Low Air Loss Feature beneath the cover layer.
  5. Audio and Visual warnings if there is a power outage or low air pressure

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Category: Alternating Air Mattress


The ObboMed UtilityAir Mattress can provide an exceptional amount of comfort to those who are bedridden or live with limited mobility. With features such as self-lateral-wave rotation, this mattress can help users enjoy uninterrupted sleep with fewer issues. It is designed to minimize skin friction and moisture issues, keeping the user’s skin protected. The mattress cover surface is fireproof, liquid-resistant., and also lead, latex, and mercury-free.

Using various pressure settings, the alternating mattress features 15-degree self-rotation and low air loss stages. These settings are designed to improve support in the seat and torso section and reduce the risk of serious complications. These mattresses are commonly used in hospital and assisted living settings, and now you can experience the comfort and convenience of an airflow mattress in your own home.

This mattress features self-lateral-wave rotation, meaning that it can independently turn a supine patient, which removes the need for patient turning by caregivers. On top of that, this mattress’s lateral rotation actively helps to prevent the maceration of the skin and both treats and prevents pressure wounds/bedsores.

The Low Air Loss feature of this mattress helps decrease the level of humidity between the patient’s skin and the mattress cover. It manages this by transferring the heat and moisture away from the patient thanks to the constant movement of air. The air cells involved in the process are made up of nylon and thermoplastic polyurethane, all airtight thanks to high-frequency heat sealing.

The mattress itself is designed to sink 4 inches deep when it alternates and rotates, creating 5-inch side perimeters with the side bolster, offering good protection for the patient while still enabling easy access for caregivers – best of both worlds!

Features of ObboMed’s multi-layered mattress:

  • Designed to minimize friction and shearing of the skin
  • Vapor permeable to facilitate moisture removal into the airflow away from the mattress
  • Perspiration vacates through the mattress cover surface and/or the patient’s bed boundary
  • Antimicrobial, Liquid resistant, Fireproof
  • Latex, lead, and mercury-free
  • Below the cover layer, vapor flows out with the Low Air Loss Feature to lower humidity under the patient while simultaneously transferring away moisture and heat
  • Air cells are composed of a combination of thermoplastic polyurethane and nylon (TPU) and airtight with high-frequency, heat sealing and are liquid proof and machine washable
Control Functions: Additional Model Functions:
  • On/Off (Standby)
  • Lock
  • Max-Inflate (Auto Firm)
  • Static
  • Weight Display
  • Pressure Display
  • Alternating
  • Cycle Time
  • Power Alarm
  • Power Outage Protection
  • Low Air Loss
  • Low Air Pressure Warning
  • Fowler (Seating)
  • Side Bolster
  • 15° Self-Lateral-Wave Rotation*


  • Control unit box x 1 pc
  • Mattress body x 1 pc
  • Power cord, 14’ / 427 cm x 1 pc
  • Air hose clip x 10 pc
  • Spare filter foam x 3 pc
  • Spare safety fuse, 250V/4A x 2 pc
  • User Guide x 1 pc

2-layer Air Cell, 10” Deep Mattress, 13”H Side Bolster

Mattress Dimension: 80”L x 36”W x 7”H
Pump: 20 LPM
Weight Capacity: 450 lbs
Control Unit Weight: 10.2 lbs
Mattress Weight: 12.8 lbs
Unit Package Weight: 26 lbs
Unit Package Dimension: 16.5”L x 18.5”W x 17.3”H


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